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Pure Balance Pool Chemicals

Just like people, pool water needs balance.

In swimming pool terms, balancing your pool refers to preparing the water so that the pool chemicals and protective products you add later will work more effectively. But, why is this important?

Firstly, if your pool chemicals aren’t working properly, then your swimming pool may become over-run by unwanted micro-organisms. This will detrimentally affect both the quality and appearance of your pool water, so it’s recommended that pool owners take the necessary steps to improve your pool’s health.

Secondly, unbalanced water may become corrosive, resulting in damage to the equipment in your pool. Everyone wants to get the most out of their pool equipment and ensure that it lasts for years to come, so these simple steps will prolong the lifespan of expensive equipment.

Not only this, but the pool water balance should be in harmony with the human body. With a pH level between 7.2 and 7.6, Zodiac Pure Balance will maintain the health of your pool, while preventing skin and eye irritation.

Whether you prefer to do laps in your swimming pool or just float about on your inflatable swan, you can get the most enjoyment out of your pool with a little help from Zodiac Pure Balance. Designed to work in conjunction with Zodiac Pure Protection and Pure Perfection for the most glistening results, find your local Zodiac dealer today and bring some extra sparkle to your swimming pool.

Find our Pool Water Care Brochure here.



Alkalinity Up

Zodiac's Alkalinity Up increases pH and Total Alkalinity in swimming pools.

pH Down

Zodiac pH Down descreases pH and Total Alkalinity in swimming pools.

pH Up

Zodiac's pH Up fixes low pH in swimming pools.

pH Down Tablets

Zodiac pH Down Tablets decreases pH and Total Alkalinity in swimming pools.

Calcium Down

Zodiac has developed Calcium Down to decrease calcium hardness in swimming pools.

Calcium Up

Zodiac's Calcium Up increases Calcium Hardness in swimming pools.

Liquid Pool Acid

Zodiac Liquid Pool Acid will lower the pH and total alkalinity in swimming pools and spas.

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