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As Australians opt for more feature-rich and complex pool designs, digital pool and spa controllers are being offered by more and more top end pool builders. Zodiac is a global leader in this field. Control up to 8 separate devices including pumps, heaters, chlorinators, cleaners swim-jets, water features, lights, automated pool covers, from the one master controller, with the Zodiac Aqualink system. Take it one step further and control your pool equipment online anywhere, any time by adding an iAqualink.

Zodiac sells a range of controller options starting from the entry level Aqualink-TRi which can control up to a maximum of 4 separate devices.



Aqualink Tri

AquaLink TRi takes the expense and complexity out of pool automation and delivers a user friendly and highly affordable product to your pool pad. AquaLink TRi allows you to control multiple devices with a simple intuitive interface with the option of control thru your smart phone. AquaLink TRi puts the power of control at your fingertips.


Imagine firing up the spa on your way home from work, turning on your pool cleaner from the golf course, even flicking on the lights, fountain and music as guests arrive while you're busy rustling up supplies.


Jandy Aqualink RS One Touch Pool Controller

Jandy Aqualink RS One Touch Pool Controller is a wired in-home digital pool control system that is controlled at the touch of a button.

Jandy Aqualink RS PDA Wireless Pool Controller

The Jandy Aqualink RS Pool Digital Assistant (PDA) gives you the power to wirelessly control your pool or spa wherever you are.

Jandy Aquapalm Remote Pool Controller

Jandy's AquaPalm wireless add-on remote controller brings the convenience of wireless control to your existing wired AquaLink RS control system.

Jandy Spa Side Remote

The Jandy Spa Side Remote is a weather-resistant control device designed to be installed into the spa tile coping, decking or anywhere within reach of the spa.

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  • Aqualink TRi

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