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Pool Pumps

The swimming pool pump is the heart of the pool system, just like your engine is the heart of your car.  Your pool pump is a key component of the filtration process.

The pump plays a critical role in keeping your pool in good health. It's role is to pump water in a continual cycle, from the pool through the filter and chemical treatment system (if installed) and back to the pool again via return lines in the pool wall.

Try our e-pump calculator to view best results for energy saving efficiency




FloPro VS 1.5HP

The New Zodiac FloPro VS1.5HP Pool Pump.


The Zodiac FloPro e3 is an economical, energy efficient, easy to use 3-speed variable pool pump specially designed for Australian conditions. The FloPro e3  is engineered to be a simple to operate variable pool pump with the built-in intelligence of an economical motor saving you money on electricity.


The Zodiac FloPro pool pump is a quiet, energy efficient, high performance pool pump specifically designed for Australian conditions.

Titan Series Pool Pumps

The Zodiac Titan Series Pool Pumps are high performance medium head pool pumps suitable for small to medium sized residential pools.

Pressure Booster Pumps

The Zodiac Booster Pump is designed specifically to operate Polaris pressure cleaners at optimum cleaning efficiency. It is suitable for use with the Polaris 280 and 3900, as well as the discontinued 380 and 480 models. The compact, rugged design allows for maximum performance.

FloPro ePump

The Zodiac FloPro ePump is a quiet, ultra energy efficient, high performance pool pump specially designed for Australian conditions.


The Zodiac® iQPUMP interface allows you, the pool owner, to control the Zodiac FloPro VS Pump using a smartphone and the iAqualink app. The iQPUMP can be used to connect and control the pump anywhere, anytime.


New Innovation Pool Pump

  • VX55 small 2 - replacing old V4

    One innovation ahead GO

  • Magnapool

    Magnapool GO

  • Pump Calculator

    Pump Calculator GO

  • Aqualink TRi

    Aqualink TRi GO

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