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About Us

About the Zodiac Group

Zodiac Group Australia is the leading supplier of pool equipment and pool products in the country.

Since our founding in 1983, we have provided high quality, innovative and user-friendly products to Australian pool owners.

When you buy a Zodiac pool product, you’ll have complete peace of mind thanks to our commitment to technical and after-sales support.

Zodiac products can be purchased from authorised Zodiac dealers, who can also offer expert advice on pool equipment installation and maintenance.

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Zodiac Research

Zodiac Research & Development

Zodiac's Research & Development teams are continuously working on developing innovative, energy-efficient and user friendly residential pool products.

This also includes investing in and improving the original technologies Zodiac has acquired, including Baracuda, Polaris, Nature2, Clearwater, Jandy and Premium Quality Chemicals.

Utilising the latest materials, manufacturing techniques and technology, we aim to deliver superior convenience, comfort and safety through our products, whilst meeting strict international performance standards.

Our technological expertise can be seen in the design of our products, as well as our production and use of materials. Our highly-diversified range is an illustration of our ability to apply this expertise to swimming pool cleaners, chlorination systems, control systems, pool heating, filtration equipment, as well as pool chemicals and spa chemicals.

Zodiac has three research and development laboratories around the world that also act as centres of excellence for certain products and technologies. We are proud to host one such design centre at our Australian head office at Smithfield in Sydney. The R&D team in Sydney is primarily responsible for water care, and its role is to develop innovative solutions, both automated and manual (chemical), that help pool owners achieve the perfect pool experience.

All Zodiac products comply with international standards and the toughest quality requirements.

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Zodiac's History

Zodiac's History

Body copy:

Since its birth as an aeronautical company in 1896, Zodiac has enjoyed an eventful 100+ year history.

  • 1896 - Founded as "Mallet, Mélandri et de Pitray" specialising in non-rigid airships
  • 1909 - The Zodiac brand is registered
  • 1937 - The first Zodiac inflatable boat was developed
  • 1975 - Creation of the first Zodiac flexible pool, influenced by inflatable boat technology
  • 1983 - Zodiac establishes a presence in Australia
  • 1996 - Zodiac acquires Baracuda, an established international pool cleaner company
  • 1996 - Zodiac acquires Driclad, Australia's leading manufacturer of above-ground pools
  • 2001 - Zodiac acquires Australian-based Clearwater Products, manufacturer of salt water chlorinators
  • 2005 - Zodiac acquires Polaris Pool Systems, a leading supplier of quality pool equipment
  • 2007 - Zodiac Marine Segment with Jandy Pool Products of USA merge to become Zodiac Marine & Pool
  • 2009 - Zodiac acquires Premium Quality Pool Chemicals, a major chemical supplier in Australia
  • 2013 - Zodiac acquires Magnapool, a mineral alternative to traditional salt water pools
Jobs at Zodiac

Jobs at Zodiac

Zodiac Australia offers exciting career opportunities in fields such as sales, customer service, manufacturing, marketing, technical service, finance, administration, HR and R&D.


Positions Available

There are currently no available positions.

If you don't see a position that interests you, you can contact us at the details below for further information.


Applying for a position

To apply for a position, please email your application, including your contact details and the role for which you are applying to our Human Resources Division at apac.careers@zodiac.com.

Zodiac Australia is an EEO opportunity employer and will respect your confidentiality and privacy. All applications will be held for three months only. If you wish to have your resume removed from our database earlier please email us.

You can also contact:

Sharleen Phengsavath
219 Woodpark Road

Smithfield NSW 2164
Phone: 02 8786 6800
Email: apac.careers@zodiac.com

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