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People invest in pools for a variety of reasons. To spend more time with the kids, to provide the family with a more active lifestyle, to stay fit, to enhance the outdoor area and overall property, etc. Buying a pool truly has the potential to enrich your life.

Today pools come in a vast variety of shapes and sizes to suit different budgets, backyard configurations, tastes and requirements. Zodiac supplies pool equipment to pool builders across the country; both big and small, high-end and budget focused. Zodiac does not build pools, we leave this to the experts!

This section of the website is designed to provide you with a better idea of the different types of pools that are available by showcasing some of the pools that have been constructed by Zodiac affiliated pool builders.


Lap Pools

A lap pool is the perfect solution if you want to combine leisure and exercise in an elegantly designed pool where space is at a premium. Designed specifically for the purpose of swimming laps. Some architects and builders carefully integrate them into their home designs to create a seamless and stylish water accent in addition to a place to keep healthy.

Traditional Pools

Geometrically shaped, rectangular pools are still the most popular pool for Australian families today. They are cost and space effective and suit almost any backyard. Traditional shape doesn’t mean you have to compromise on finishes or style. You can still create a striking looking pool that will wow your friends and be a great place to enjoy your leisure.

Resort Style Pools

Looking for a resort style pool to create a tropical feel? These are mostly concrete free form, custom shaped pools. Design is limited by you and your pool builder’s imagination. Generally include spectacular lighting and water features. Add heating and automated pool controllers to create the perfect at-home resort experience. 

Infinity Edge Pools

Are you looking for an endless horizon edge pool with glass balustrades and a sheer descent water feature? An infinity edge pool can create a spectacular oasis in your own backyard. 

Swim Spas

Particularly popular in inner city metropolitan areas where space is at a premium, the swim spa is a cost effective way to enjoy the benefits of pool ownership. Swim spas are typically around 3-5 metres in length however are available in a range of sizes to suit your lifestyle. Having all the normal features of a regular spa with the added benefit of allowing you to swim against jets.

Pool & Spa Combo

Enjoy your pool all year round with the luxury of a Pool & Spa combination. Cool off during summer and relax in the spa in winter. Use an automated pool & spa controller like the Zodiac Aqualink to regulate heat and manage pool equipment across both bodies of water, all year round.

Indoor Pools

Indoor pools offer the ablity for year round exercise and leisure. If you have an area within your home you are looking to build a new pool into, be inspired and view the pools built by Zodiac's key Australian pool builders.

Above Ground Pools

You don't have to compromise on look and finish with today's above ground pools. New technology means they no longer have to be installed above ground, but instead partially or completely in ground. They cost less than other pools, and can be moved from one house to another. They come in a variety of styles, shapes and models, and are great for sloping or difficult-to-access backyards. 

Water Feature Pools

Bring your backyard paradise to life with a water feature. They are a stunning addition to any pool or garden, and Zodiac have plenty for you to choose from. Waterfalls, sheer descent, deck jets or laminar jets with LED lighting pool creating a spectacular and soothing environment for your backyard.


We can direct you to a pool builder who services your area and can address your particular needs. To get started, please fill in the form.

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