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Robotic Cleaners

Zodiac Australia has always led the charge with its innovations in automatic pool cleaning. We manufacture a wide range of robotic pool cleaners to suit even the most demanding domestic swimming pools.

The latest game changer in the robotic cleaning space is the NEW Vortex-Pro VX65 iQ. The VX65 iQ easily connects to home Wi-Fi for remote access and on demand control, anywhere, anytime. With iAquaLink™ Control, you don’t need to be poolside to clean the pool. The VX65 iQ comes equipped with all of the Vortex-Pro 4WD features including the patented lift system for easier removal from the water and a 21m swivel cable to reduce the effects of cord tangling.

The Vortex Pro Robotic Cleaner range now includes VX40, VX45 4WD, VX50 4WD and VX55 4WD. All of the VX range are super easy to remove from the water with the patented lift system function.

The effortless and lightweight handling of the NEW Tornax Robotic Pool Cleaners makes the Tornax range the perfect entry robotic pool cleaner. Delivering an efficient pool clean, the TX35 provides an extreme clean of both floor and walls thoroughly.




VX65 iQ

The VX65 iQ can be controlled anywhere anytime with iAquaLink™ Control. The VX65 iQ easily connects to home Wi-Fi for remote access and on demand control. Use your smart phone for remote control convenience at your finger tips. 

VX55 4WD

The Vortex-Pro VX55 4WD is a cut above the rest, engineered to provide the ultimate pool cleaning experience. The VX55 4WD is equipped with the best technology the industry has to over, making pool cleaning easier, ultra- efficient and fun!  


Engineered to tackle the toughest pools with its 4-wheel automotive drive system, the Zodiac VX50 4WD tackles any pool terrain, climbs over obstacles and delivers a thorough pool cleaning of floor, steps, walls and waterline.

The VX50 4WD now features a swivel floating cable to help prevent cable from tangling.

VX45 4WD

The Vortex Pro VX45 4WD is engineered to tackle the toughest pools with its 4-wheel drive automotive drive system.

Ultra clean of floor, walls and waterline, the VX45 4WD will leave your pool sparkling clean and ready to enjoy. 


The Zodiac VX40 has been designed to provide not only a thorough clean on your pools floor and walls but to also make your life easier with the Zodiac Lift System. Press the lift system button and the VX40 will climb the pool wall and wait to b removed by you. It is that simple!


Effortless and light weight handling of the TX35 coupled with its agile operation delivers and extreme clean of both floor and walls. Store the TX35 in the easy to assemble transport and storage caddy.

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