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Jandy Aqualink RS PDA Wireless Pool Controller

The Jandy Aqualink RS Pool Digital Assistant (PDA) gives you the power to wirelessly control your pool or spa wherever you are. With this remote pool controller, you’ll be able to do everything - from adjusting the temperature, turning on a jet or waterfall - at the touch of a button. You won’t even have to get out of the pool or spa to do so!

The PDA remote pool controller gives users the freedom to access and operate your pool from up to 150m away from the universal power centre. Wireless and durable, the Jandy Aqualink RS PDA remote controller is completely waterproof and buoyant – so you can enjoy the convenience of using it while you’re in the pool or spa.

Comprised of a universal power centre, PDA wireless control, temperature sensors, and motorised valves, the Aqualink RS PDA system is user-friendly and allows for full control over your pool equipment.

Jandy Aqualink RS PDA Wireless Pool Controller Features

  • Ultra-compact design allows for user-convenience and wireless operation.
  • Unique Rapid Response Rate Technology communicates three times faster with reliable communication network.
  • Wireless design allows for more affordable installation than a hard-wired system.
  • No wiring required between equipment and the control panel - no trench, conduit, or indoor wiring.
  • Simple, user-friendly menus for controlling filter pump, spa switch-over, heater, solar and up to 7 auxiliary circuits.
  • Backlit display shows signal strength, battery charge, day, time, water temperatures and complete equipment status at a simple glance. This ensures ease-of-use for consumers.
  • Powered by two AA batteries (average life is one pool season).
  • Waterproof and buoyant – make this remote pool controller suitable for use in the water.
  • Allows for full control over pool equipment e.g. scheduling power on/off at specific times.

For those who are seeking full control over their pool or spa, look no further than the Jandy Aqualink RS PDA Wireless Pool Controller. Find your nearest Zodiac retailer today.

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