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Powerstream Water Features

The Zodiac Powerstream is a low maintenance water feature that can be easily installed on any type of swimming pool or landscape garden. Visit your nearest authorised Zodiac retailer to see what options are available.

This water feature is compact and discreet, available in standard sizes, or can be custom designed in a variety of sizes to suit your specifications. They are also available in a clear option providing your pool with a luxurious finish whilst also allowing your water feature to blend into any landscape, surface or colour scheme.

Patented design

Zodiac's patented X-Baffle design ensures an even flow and spread of water. The X-Baffle design allows water to rotate through chambers to ensure even flow when released from the nozzle.  This technology ensures water is spread to all parts of water feature allowing it to hold its distinctive form for up to 1.2 metres. Water can be highlighted using spotlights around or behind the waterfall.

: Zodiac's patented X-Baffle design for powerstream water features

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