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MX8 Gen 2 Pool Cleaner Tune-Up Kit

Do you still love the cleaning power of your Zodiac MX8™ Gen 2 but find that after a while some of the most active parts are starting to wear away?

The good news is you don’t have to worry about purchasing a new unit, you can just refresh your MX8™ Gen 2 with our factory tune-up kit, making your pool cleaner like new again!

You can purchase the tune-up kit from an authorised Zodiac retailer. Find your nearest retailer at this link.

Items included in the factory tune-up kit

  • MX8™ Engine
  • MX8™ Drive Shaft (2)
  • Bearings (2)
  • MX8™ Reversing Assembly - Side A (1), Side B (1)
  • MX8™ Tracks (2)

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