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eBuyer Beware

Don't risk an expensive mistake when buying pool equipment online.

You may see Zodiac pool equipment advertised online at discounted prices through auction websites such as ebay and non-authorised dealer websites.

If you are considering purchasing through any of these websites, be aware that the products may not have been sourced from Zodiac Group Australia and, if they have not:

  1. warranty service is not available from Zodiac Group Australia;
  2. the products may not be the version designed for the Australian market or may be supplied without essential components for the Australian market;
  3. the products may not be genuine Zodiac products.
Zodiac Pools

If you are unsure about any Zodiac equipment that you see online simply call the Zodiac Group Australia Customer Service team on 1300 763 021 or send us an email through our Contact Us form.  Alternatively, speak to your local Zodiac Dealer who will offer you professional advice.

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