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Pool Heat Pumps

Pool Heat Pumps

Zodiac heat pumps are amongst the most energy efficient available without compromising on the heating performance. Available in a wide range of sizes and models to suit most pools and budgets.





The smallest, and most compact heat pumps in the range. Perfect as an alternative to traditional solar units, the Power units produce warm reliable heat even when the sun isn't shining. The Power units are cost-effective season extenders, but will not provide all year swimming.

Z200 Heat Pump

Install a new zodiac Z200 heat pump and have continuous reliable heat delivered to your pool even when the sun isnt shining for a lot less than you may think

Zodiac Z300 Heat Pump

Mid size, energy efficient yet powerful heat pumps suitable for most residential pools. Several models feature both heating and cooling functions. Can provide all year swimming for most domestic pools across Australia.

PowerForce 25 and 35

The PowerForce range feature all-year-round heating models that will heat or cool the pool in almost any climate. Suitable for residential and commercial pools up to 150,000L.


Optipac 30 is designed for very large applications and is ideal for semi/commercial pools that have heavy bather loads. Great for council pools or resorts and holiday parks, the Optipac 30 delivers a whopping 90kW of heating power!

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