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Twist and Dose

Getting the water chemistry right

Just like people, pools need balance. In pool-speak, balancing means getting the alkalinity and
pH of the water right, so that protective chemicals, like chlorine, can work effectively.
Also, when the water balance is in harmony with the human body it keeps the water pleasant,
prevents eye and skin irritations, and prevents corrosion to pool surfaces and equipment.

Your pool, your family

The Australian backyard pool has the magical ability to bring family and friends together to enjoy
a fun and healthy lifestyle. However, it also requires ongoing monitoring of the water chemistry,
which until now, was easier said than done. Whilst test strips are the most commonly used
means by which pool owners measure water chemisrty, they have two weaknesses: they don't
tell us which chemicals to use and in what quantities to add them to water.

Discover The Solution
* * *

The solution: Zodiac TWIST & DOSE

At Zodiac, we believe that pool health should be made easy. Hence we developed Zodiac TWIST &
, so you can give your loved ones the safe and healthy swiming environment they deserve.

Zodiac TWIST & DOSE is an innovative system designed to help maintain a healthy and sparkling
pool, in between pool shop visits. TWIST & DOSE takes the guess work out of pool chemical
dosing, saving you time and money.

See How It Works
* * *

Twisting by the pool

The patented device called the TWIST is the key component. It is a simple to use, yet intelligent, test strip reading device that tells you which chemicals to use and in which quantities to keep your pool healthy and balanced. Simple to use, easy to understand, TWIST & DOSE is pool health made easy.

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Kit-box *

The kit includes ...

  • kit23 in 1 Test Strips
    (25 x pieces)
  • kit3Measuring Jug and Scoop
    for balance chemicals
    (Zodiac Alkalinity Up, Zodiac
    pH Up, Zodiac pH Down)
  • kit4Measuring Jug and
    Scoop for purifier
    (Zodiac Pool Sparkle
    Purifier Chlorine)

Ensure your pool is balanced and healthy
with Zodiac TWIST & DOSE chemicals

Make Your Pool Health Easy