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Titan Series Thermoplastic Sand Pool Filters

The Titan range of pool filters is user-friendly, require minimal maintenance and provide crystal clear pool water for your loved ones to enjoy.

They are durable, good quality sand filters with corrosion and UV-resistant thermoplastic outer casings, suitable for small- to medium-sized residential pools.


  • ZP500 in 21 inches
  • ZP650 in 25 inches
  • ZP700 in 28 inches

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Features and benefits

  • Warranty: 10 years on the tank and one-year warranty on all other components
  • Strong casing: A body constructed from food-grade polyethylene which is both corrosion and UV resistant
  • Ergonomic palm-shaped multiport: For easy operation
  • Large sight indicator glass: For clear backwash inspection
  • Clamp lock design head: With 360 degree rotation for ease of installation
  • Drain plug: For easy maintenance
  • A quality inspected product: Factory pressure tested at 300kpa (NB: Maximum working pressure is 200 kpa)

Compatible Pool Pumps

Partner the Titan pool filter with Zodiac’s high performance pool pumps:

  • VX55 small 2 - replacing old V4

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  • Magnapool

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  • Aqualink TRi

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