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Resort Style Pools

Looking for a resort style pool to create a tropical feel? These are mostly concrete free form, custom shaped pools. The design is only limited by you and your pool builder’s imagination and generally include spectacular lighting and water features. Add heating and automated pool controllers to create the perfect at-home resort experience.


The Oasis gives you a beautiful free-form pool finished in natural-looking gold Pebblecrete. The coping and surrounds allow for a variety of surfaces such as granite, decking and rollover pebble. The granite waterfall adds to the feeling of a tropical lagoon. Even where you are catering for family members with extra needs, easy access can be accommodated in a way that’s stylish and practical. Tells us what you need, as we’d love to fulfil your dreams of an Oasis in your backyard.


We can direct you to a pool builder who services your area and can address your particular needs. To get started, please fill in the form.

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