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Pure Balance Spa

Just like pools, spas need balance.

In spa-speak, balancing refers to preparing the water so that the protective products you add later will work effectively.  Why is this important?

Firstly, if your protective products aren't working effectively, your spa can be over-run by nasty micro-organisms.  Secondly, unbalanced water may be corrosive, resulting in damage to the equipment in your spa.

Also, a balanced spa should be in harmony with the human body (sharing the same pH level), which makes the water more pleasant.  Huzzah!

For more information please download our Spa Care Brochure



Spa Alkalinity Up

Spa Alkalinity Up increases pH and Total Alkalinity in spas.

Spa Calcium Up

Zodiac Spa Calcium Up increases Calcium Hardness in spas.

Spa pH Down

Zodiac Spa pH down decreases pH and Total Alkalinity in spas.

Spa Complete

Zodiac Spa Complete is a granular total water balance system for spas.  It is perfect as an initial spa set up treatment.

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