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PowerForce 25 and 35

The PowerForce range features all-year-round heating models for heating or cooling pools in almost any climate. Please note this does depend on the geographic location and other variables. The range is suitable for residential and smaller commercial pools up to 145,000L.

PowerForce sets a new benchmark in pool heating, with class-leading performance and energy efficient operation.

Products available in the PowerForce Range:

  • PowerForce25: Suitable for pools up to 125,000L*(heat/cool function)
  • PowerForce35: Suitable for pools up to 145,000L* (heat/cool function)

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Features and benefits

  • Suits most pools: ‘All Seasons’ mode offers cooling for tropical climates and heating for sub-zero temperature climates.
  • ‘Soft start’ reduces power consumption: Cuts down on power consumption and ensures an extended product life.
  • Energy-efficient: One of the most energy-efficient in its class and uses the ozone-friendly refrigerant R410a.
  • Titanium condenser with lifetime warranty: Lifetime warranty on the solid titanium condenser regardless of water chemistry or the sanitation method used. All other parts have a two-year warranty (all commercial applications are 12mth warranty only).
  • Intelli Heat function: Allows you to set your desired water temperature. The PowerForce pool heat pump will maintain that temperature at any time of the day running completely independent of the filter cycle time.
  • Quiet operation: With strict council regulations around noise control it’s important that your heat pump operates quietly. The PowerForce range’s uniquely designed fan with ultra-smooth roller bearings ensures quiet operation.

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