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Many pool builders sell combinations of pool equipment in various pool packages to complement your pool. Below you’ll find our recommendations for popular configurations of Zodiac pool equipment to suit different needs.

Please note Zodiac does not sell products direct to the public, however you can purchase our products from your local dealer.

Hi-Tech Pool Package

For the time-poor tech lovers.

This package does the best job of looking after your pool with minimal input from you. Connect all your Zodiac products to the AquaLink TRi and use the iAqualink app to control your pool equipment anywhere, anytime!

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Health Pool Package

For a family with sensitive skin or that is concerned about maintaining exceptional quality pool water.

Most of the products in this package are part of the Magnapool® system. If you have an existing salt water or chlorinated pool, don’t worry, converting to a Magnapool® is easier and less costly than you may think. Experience the difference today.

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Economy Pool Package

For those after a low maintenance and affordable option.

This package is more than just cost-effective, the simple and easy setup means you can enjoy your pool sooner. And the best part? You’ll still be using high quality products that will do the job brilliantly.

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DIY Pool Package

For the experienced pool owner or handy person.

This package is a Zodiac pool equipment solution that is easy to install and set-up and is suitable for someone who already has experience with maintaining their own pool.

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Environmentally Friendly Pool Package

For the environmentally-conscious.

This package will create a pool that is kind to the environment and energy efficient, with the added benefit of enabling you to save money on operating costs.

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We can direct you to a pool builder who services your area and can address your particular needs. To get started, please fill in the form.

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