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CS CV Cartridge Pool Filters

Ideal for standard swimming pools up to 100K litres, the Zodiac premium range of pool filters is available as a single cartridge system (CS range) or as a large multi-element cluster cartridge (CV range). These cartridge pool filters are designed with user convenience in mind, as they are easy to install and even easier to run efficiently.

Users can rest assured that they will get the most out of their CS CV Pool Filter, because each pool filter is constructed from an impact resistant, anti-corrosive, UV resistant body that is built to last. Unlike standard sand filters, cartridge pool filters provide high flow rates and optimum hydraulic performance. The unique filter elements will capture even the finest debris to ensure cleaner, more sparkling pool water and the filter requires no backwashing to reduce water wastage.

Zodiac cartridge filters are ergonomically designed with comfortable handles that offer portability and the filter elements are easily removed for hassle-free cleaning. They are suitable for use with a variety of Zodiac pumps, including the Titan Series, FloPro Series, FloPro eSeries, and their compact size means that they can be installed in the space-restricted areas.

Available in the following models: 340. 460, 580, there is CS CV Cartridge Pool Filter to suit every preference within the Zodiac range.

Features & Benefits:

  • Ideal for most suburban backyard pools up to 100K litres.
  • Compact design allows for easy installation in space-restricted areas.
  • Durable, impact resistant, anti-corrosive, UV resistant body is built to last.
  • Easy-grip handles for portability and provide easy installation and cleaning.
  • Extra-large (50mm) drain port makes cleaning of debris a breeze.
  • High flow rates and optimum hydraulic performance.
  • Water efficient and less maintenance required, as the filter does not require backwashing.
  • Easy-to-read pressure gauge with clean/dirty indicator.
  • Backed by a 5-Year Warranty on Tank and 1-Year Warranty on all other components.

If you’re looking for a Zodiac CS CV Pool Filter to suit your needs and keep your pool sparkling clean all year long, then visit one of our dedicated Zodiac dealers today.

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